Hens Night Bus Hire

Min 18 to 50 People - Pickups from Sydney Metro

Having A Hens Night Out? 

Are you tasked to lead a ‘Hens Night Out’? You might be considering booking a hotel room or reserving a VIP room in a club. These are good ideas, but why not take your plan a notch higher and hire a minibus to get you there? It will be an experience that everyone would treasure, most especially your friend who’s going to get married soon!

Imagine having your own spacious minibus for your Hens Night Out…

  • You can definitely get crazy! Go sing your favorite karaoke songs. Wear your costumes. Play all the girly – tunes that your boyfriends asked you to stop listening to! You can enjoy the rest of the night and the best part is – no one will judge you (even if you fall asleep from drinking too much)!
  • You can even go club hopping and you don’t have to worry about getting a parking space or getting a cab. All you have to do is hire a minibus and your ride for the night is all set. It’s very convenient.
  • You can all go home safely even after a very long night! You don’t have to travel alone or use public transportation. Imagine the peace of mind it can give you, your friends, and your partners.

Once (or twice) in your life, we all need to party and let go of our sane selves. At Bosfor Travel, we can take care of your bus hire while you and your girls go loca all night.

Here are more reasons why you should hire a luxury coach for hens night from us:


  • Cost-efficiency. When you hire a bus for your hens night event, it is cheaper than your claiming an individual travel costs and parking fees afterward.
  • Convenience. Parking space will never be a problem if you hire our luxury coach for your hen night. Your VIPs can just enjoy the ride, relax at bus and just go down at the venue.
  • Optimum Experience. All your guests will feel like real VIPs knowing that they will be chartered by a luxury coach. And that’s one way to make a good impression.



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