Hire Terms


Prices are current at the time of quotation and subject to availability at the time of booking. All quoted prices include GST. Bosfor Travel reserves the right to pass on, without notice, any increases that may occur such as airport charges, road tolls, entry fees or parking charges.

Credit Card Charges

Credit Cards payments are accepted – Visa and MasterCard and attract a surcharge of 2.5% of the total fee.


In the event that you run over time with your booking, you will be charged $110.00 per hour commencing every 15 minutes.

Departure Times

Passengers must be at the pickup location at least 5 minutes prior to departure to ensure that baggage/passengers can be loaded and depart on time. The Coach will wait for passengers and you will be charged waiting time as above from 15 minutes or it will be taken from your total booking time, i.e. if we have to wait 30 minutes after your scheduled departure time and your total hire is for an 8 Hour Tour, your tour will be cut short to ensure drop off is within the timeframe of 8 Hours. If we have another job booked and your group is late, we will not be able to wait and will have to depart at the scheduled time.


In the event that you cancel your booking the following fees are payable:

Bookings Cancelled greater than 7 days prior to travel – 25% of the total booking

Bookings Cancelled within 72 Hours (3 Days) prior to travel – 50% of the total booking

Bookings Cancelled within 24 Hours (1 Day) prior to travel – 100% of the total booking.


Amendments to your booking after confirmation can only be accepted subject to availability, we cannot guarantee that a vehicle will be available if you postpone your journey.

Food, Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

Australian Federal and State Government Regulations prohibits the consumption of any foods on board our coaches. Smoking, the consumption of alcohol and the conveyance or ingestion of illicit drugs on coaches is also strictly forbidden. Passengers under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs will not be permitted to board the coach.


Bosfor Travel accepts no liability for lost or damaged luggage, we recommend that all luggage be clearly marked with your full name and address and contact number.

General Conditions

Bosfor Travel will not be liable for any accidents, injury or death of any passenger, nor loss or damage to personal effects or luggage, irrespective of the conditions from which such accident, injury, death or loss of damage may have arisen.

For Safety Reasons certain goods or articles cannot be carried, such as weapons, explosive goods, and flammable items.

Meals or refreshments provided by 3rd parties on all day tours, it is the responsibility of each passenger to ensure dietary requirement information is passed onto caterers or venues on a case by case basis. Where possible Bosfor Travel will assist with this, however, we accept no responsibility for such information being relayed to the 3rd party provider.