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Min 18 to 50 People - Pickups from Sydney Metro

Why A Charter Bus Hire is Ideal For Transporting Your Bridal Party, Grooms Men and Guests on Your Wedding Day?

Planning for a wedding can be stressful at times. In fact, I haven’t heard a couple who had a smooth-sailing preparation. Every detail must be taken into consideration. Trust us when we say, We Feel You.

Now, based on experience and observation, soon-to-be-married couples tend to forget organizing one important thing.

It is not enough to draw a location map for the ceremony and the reception.  

It is not enough to assume that your guests will have their own cars.  

It is not enough to assume that there is enough parking space for everyone.  

It is not enough to hope that everyone will be there on time.  

Like in any other event, there are the ‘inevitables’. We all know that most, if not all weddings occur at multiple locations with different time schedules, right?  In this case, your guests might arrive late or might even get lost not knowing where the exact location of your venues are.

Can you just imagine what it can do to the entire wedding? Not a nice way to start a married life, right?

And while the wedding ceremony is mainly for the bride and the groom, you have to make sure that all the visitors will enjoy, and will not stress over ANYTHING. That includes their travel going to your wedding venues.

We highly recommend that you hire a luxury coach service or your private Wedding Bus that will pick them up in the most convenient points to transport them to your wedding venue. This is even more cost-efficient than hiring multiple cars.

At Bosfor Travel, we are the perfect coach service for your wedding needs. We will make your transportation as seamless as possible. All you have to do is enjoy the journey and have fun with your guests even while on the road.

You might think that this might be over the top but let me tell you some of the benefits of hiring a Wedding Bus.

  • Your guests can arrive at the venue, looking fresh and relaxed.
  • They won’t get lost because the professional driver will take care of the logistics.
  • Most visitors will arrive practically at the same time, and you can start the program and everyone will not miss a thing.
  • You don’t have to worry about parking spaces for different cars.
  • Your guests can get along pretty well even before the actual ceremony and party.

Make your wedding the talk of the town just by hiring a wedding bus.

With Bosfor Travel, we want your wedding to be better than what you have imagined. Let us help you by taking care of your transportation needs. Give us a call now!


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