Is that a Castle Over There, come and take a guided tour of The Conservatorium of Music with one of the knowledgeable volunteer guides and find out a bit of history, why would the horse stables built in 1817 be renovated and turned into a music conservatorium.

Gain access to areas previously off limits to the public and learn how The Conservatorium of Music has become the prestigious international school of music it is today. Walk the corridors underneath the Royal Botanic Gardens while listening to your tour guide’s insightful stories about musicians past and present.

The Conservatorium of Music offers more than meets the eye. You can explore the whole site, learn the aboriginal history of the area, marvel at the grand Verbrugghen Hall, converted from the interior parade ground of the stables and admire the convict bricks.

On Tour you can enjoy history, heritage, architecture, pre history and findings from an archaeological site dig. Lunch today will be at a local club before returning home in the afternoon.

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