Today you will be heading to Cordeaux Dam Located about 94 kilometres south of Sydney, Cordeaux was the second of the four dams constructed to collect water from the Illawarra Plateau.

Construction started in 1918 and was completed in 1926. You will have a relaxing day in the landscaped grounds with a BBQ lunch (provided by you).

The picnic grounds are on the site where the dam builders lived in the 1920s! Look for remnants of an old road, drains and a tennis court. You can take a walk along the avenue of Monterey Pines in the lower carpark near the dam wall, then walk across the wall for views of the lake upstream and river downstream.

Massive Egyptian style stone gateways guard the entrance to the dam wall and with its remarkable Egyptian inspired architecture, a visit to Cordeaux Dam is like stepping back in time.

Stand under one of the massive stone gateways at either end of the dam wall and have your photo taken. Your friends may think you’ve been on holidays in Egypt! The gates were inspired by the popularity of all things Egyptian following the discovery of King Tutenkhamun’s tomb in 1922.

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