Today we are heading up to Maitland and visiting the Goal for a 1 ½ hour Guided Tour that you will never forget, your tour guide today will be someone who knew the Goal well – an ex-inmate!

They will explain the history of this maximum security facility and how they survived in the state’s penal system. Plenty of stories about life within the regimented and restrictive world that is life behind bars.

Ask any question about the inside but be ready for the answer! This tour is not for the squeamish but if you can take it you won’t get a better insight into the real reason for the facility’s existence.

After the tour we will head over to East Maitland Bowling Club for lunch at Billagong Restaurant, a buffet style menu that indulges in a wide variety of modern cuisine including fresh seafood, carvery, Asian dishes, salad bar and mouth-watering desserts.

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