We are heading out to Penrith today stopping for morning tea along the way before arriving at Sun Masamune Sake Brewery. Sake has been known since the dawn of Japanese civilisation, and probably since rice was first introduced to Japan from Asia about 2,000 years ago.

It is an alcoholic beverage produced from rice in much the same way that beer is brewed from wheat and barley, but it is termed a rice wine because its alcohol content is similar to grape wines.

In short, sake is brewed like a beer, but is served and enjoyed like a fine wine. At the purpose-built sake making facility we will have a unique brewery tour including an interesting explanation of the sake making, its long history, culture and tradition as well as a look inside the workings of the sake brewery.

Tastings of the freshest and finest products are also included in the tour. Lunch today will be at Penrith RSL where we will choose from a buffet before heading over to the Blue Mountains Honey Company, a family owned company that specialises in producing and packing honey and related products.

The Blue Mountains Honey family have been spinning the beautiful bee products into tasty treats that can be enjoyed from breakfast to dessert. We will be able to taste their gourmet honey range featuring Fruit Honey, Infused Honey and Flavoured Honey, a little afternoon pick me up and also purchase these delicious products and many more.

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