Today we will be visiting the Royal Australian Navy Heritage Centre at Garden Island, this is an exhibit and physical history of the Australian Navy.

Displays range from large weapon systems to personal momentos representing the developments and events in our Navy over more than 100 years you can take a self guided tour and will enjoy seeing, touching and listening to a range of displays that provide and experience of being in the Navy.

View the conning tower of one if the Japanese Midget Submarines that attacked Sydney Harbour in World War II and watch the battle unfold on an interactive Audio/Visual. You are able to see a variety of items from the ships and battles, a range of artefacts including those from Colonial Navies, World War II, the Cold War and the Persian Gulf.

Gain a greater understanding of what it was and is like to live at sea in a warship. View a Mess Deck from World War II (hammocks and all), stand in a simulated open bridge of a World War II destroyer and touch the original equipment that was used over 60 years ago. We will then head over to a local Club for our lunch before returning home.

Being a Military Base need to advise all Passenger Names prior to visit.

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